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August 16 2019

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August 15 2019

Pamiętasz ten moment, kiedy jako dziecko, w wieku koło siedmiu lat, malujesz obrazek i niebo to niebieski pasek u góry kartki? I wtedy przychodzi ten moment rozczarowania, kiedy nauczyciel mówi ci, że tak naprawdę niebo zajmuje cała wolną przestrzeń na rysunku. I to jest ta chwila, kiedy życie zaczyna być coraz bardziej skomplikowane i nieco nudniejsze, ponieważ zamalowywanie kartki na niebiesko jest raczej nużącym zajęciem.
— Alan Rickman Hard Talk Interview
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August 12 2019

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Comet in Moominland ☄️








call me ignorant but i genuinely don’t understand why sports have to be split up by gender.

@ everyone in the notes talking about physical performance: if that were the case, then sports would be divided by physical performance. that’s a thing you can measure. that’s a thing that varies by individual. a weak man and a strong man would be an unfair fight in boxing/wrestling/MMA, which is why they divide those sports up into weight groups based on physical performance. but they also further segregate them based on gender. chess is segregated by gender for no reason but sexism. if it’s actually about skill and physical ability, then measure those and separate people by those metrics. don’t do some bullshit gender segregation and pretend like men and women are inherently on different levels no matter their individual abilities.


Remember that time a teenage girl struck out Babe Ruth? That’s fucking why. Men are afraid of being beaten by women.

Remember that time male swimmers were pulled out of training because Kate Ledecky was leaving them ‘broken’ by swimming better than them? Remember how she didn’t even notice, because she was busy actually training?

Shooting is a sport that has no reliance on strength and so any allowance for gender variation is irrelevant.

The last time there was a mixed competition (1992) a chinese woman named Zhang Shan won it.

It’s often presented as for the benefit of women. After all, they’ll be heartbroken when they‘re hurt or bested by men.

Projection is a hell of a drug. 

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August 11 2019


August 10 2019

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Reaching for an angel.
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August 09 2019

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August 08 2019

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August 07 2019

Le Corbusier and Dominican monks inspecting the construction of La Tourette Monastery, Lyon, 1950s
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August 06 2019

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